Physical Therapy

What is physical medicine?

Physical medicine is a discipline in medicine that studies the biological impact of various forms of physical energy on the human organism, as well as the use of physiatrist procedures used for prophylaxis, diagnosis, therapy and medical rehabilitation. The term physical therapy means treatment with physical agents, natural and artificial.

Physiatrist examination, diagnosis, estimation, plan and treatment program

The physiatrist examination of the patient consists of examining the posture (body condition, the position of the body), the way of walking, the active and passive mobility of the spinal cord and all the joints, the tonus, the trophic structure and strength of the muscles using MMT (manual muscle test), also the check up involves examining the reflex activity, sensitiveness, doing anthropomorphic measurements (measuring the volume and length of the extremities), checking the condition of the peripheral circulation and a test for active daily life (ADZH test) if needed.

Laser therapy
treatment that uses laser beams

Powerful biostimulant activity that accelerates the regeneration of the damaged and diseased tissues, decreases the swellings and the pain, anti inflammatory procedure. Particularly effective in the treatment of arthritis, periarthritis, tendovaginitis, epicondylitis, distortions, arthrosis, neuralgias, radiculopathy, conditions after an injury of the peripheral nerves, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, sports injuries, muscle trauma.

Magnetic therapy
treatment by using low frequency magnetic field

Anti inflammatory process, reduces the swollen parts and pain, improves the flow of the artery and vein blood, improves the metabolism of the tissues. It is used in the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, tendonitis, radiculitis, especially successful in post traumatic conditions: bone fractures which heal slowly, injuries of the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, osteoporoses, scars, keloids, eczemas. Plaster immobilization is not an obstacle for applying this therapy.

treatment that uses various modalities of electrical energy

Sonotherapy (sound therapy)- ultrasound, sonophoresis
treatment by using ultrasound waves

Mechanical and heat impact- generates endogenic heating. It is used in post traumatic contractures of the joints, degenerative diseases, injuries of the tendons and the ligaments, keloids and scars, algodystrophy syndrome, creation of a callus in fractures, periarthritis of the shoulder, calcar calcanei, herpes zoster, neuralgia, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis.

Photo therapy
treatment that applies light therapy

The Infrared light has superficial heating impact, it is used for reducing the edemas, spasm and pain, vasodilatation of the arteries and capillaries, cervical and lumbar syndrome, arthrosis, myalgia, distortions, myogelosis, as a base initiating the other physiotherapeutic procedures; stretching, electrophoreses, kinesiotherapy, electro stimulation.

Bioptron polarizing light
polychromatic light

Inciting regenerative processes, it is used in the treatment of the wounds and ulcers that heal hard, burns, eczemas, dermatitis, cellulitis, arthrosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, periarthritis, distortions, sports injuries.

Medical manual massage

It induces relaxation by reducing the tension and the pain of the muscles, local improvement of the circulation, stress relief. We offer medical massage, sports massage, relax massage (partial or the whole body)

Manual lymph drainage

It is used in treating trauma edemas after an injury, chronic edema in more difficult neurological diseases, lymphoedema (primary and secondary) in cases of removed regional lymph nodes for example in radical mastectomy, in contractures and edema of the hand after trauma, stroke or surgical intervention, cosmetic indications- removing cellulite and obesity.

Myofascial technique for pain relief

Rapid relief of the pain, stiffness in the muscles, muscle spasms by using specialized manual techniques


Treatment by using movements in other words exercising- all types of spine deformities: scoliosis, kyphosis, deformities of the feet, deformities of the chest- individual approach and individual kinesiotherapy program.

The physical agents do not cause addiction or allergies as certain medications do. Side effects if used in a proper way rarely occur.