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D-r Kuvendzieva

Specialist practice in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Our specialty is in the field of diagnostics, pre-operative and post-operative, sports and children’s rehabilitation. We successfully treat various types of diseases from the area of orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, traumatology, pediatrics and sports medicine.

We use the most sophisticated equipment and techniques with special emphases on treating diseases of the spinal cord- discus hernia by using DTS Decompression therapy- spinal cord extension, which makes us the only one in this region that is specialized in using this type of therapy.

Treatment of discus hernia without surgery!

The first and still the only Doctor’s practice of this type in this region

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First practice in this region

What is DTS Decompression therapy?

DTS Decompression Therapy- stretching/ extending the spinal cord is the latest and the most sophisticated, absolutely safe and painless method of treating various diseases of the cervical and lumbar part of the spine.

 It is a particularly famous method in the USA and Western Europe, where a number of clinical studies have confirmed the high percentage of more than 90% positive results.

The decompression therapy is performed on a special computerized equipment- extensomat manufactured in Holland which gently stretches the spinal cord which results in opening the intervertebral spaces from 1-3mm.The goal is to create a negative pressure in the disc itself and subsequently to create a vacuum effect- returning the herniated part of the disc, and mechanically achieve freeing-decompression of the disc on the medulla spinalis and the spinal roots, which results in reducing the pain itself.

 Established in 1995, by Prim. D-r Ilija Kuvendziev- physiatrist

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D-r Elena Kuvendzieva


Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

M-r Maja Kuvendzieva


Master of Laws

What have our patients said about us?

Wonderful experiences

Our success stories

I came in PHI MAJORIS in order to have a decompression therapy which was recommended to me as a non surgical treatment of discus hernia. After finishing the treatment, finally I was free from the pain that had troubled me for almost a year.
Very high level of professionalism, knowledge and kindness, as well as devotion and care for the patients. Extraordinary, pleasant and effective team, congratulations! Now, I know where to go, see you again!
The problem with the heel spur which had lasted for months had been diagnosed on the first examination and after three weeks the pain disappeared thanks to the effective therapy. The employees are professional and kind, I would recommend them everywhere.